In Stock And Private Label Programs And Custom Designed Prints

Baum Textile Mills has been working with large and small scale manufacturers for over 60 years. Our customers have come to rely on our in-stock fleece programs, custom apparel and fleece fabrications and designer printed cotton collections. However, if your products need a specific look and approach, Baum Textile Mills offers a Surface Design and Private Label Design Department.

In Stock Programs

Our Windham Fabrics division releases over 80 printed contemporary and traditional cotton collections that are stocked for a period of time. These collections are perfect for a variety of products, including childrenswear, womens boutique apparel, chefwear, accessories, tableware, etc. We also offer a wonderful line of basics in a variety of solids and prints in novelty fabrications, cottons and flannels that are offered for your year round purchasing.

WinterFleece is a line of polyester fleece products that are the distinctive property and trademark of Baum Textile Mills. WinterFleece comes in 36 solid colors and over 200 prints. Our products are manufactured into hunting and all-weather apparel, childrenswear, pet products, accessories, blankets etc.

WinterFleece Prints

Each year we design and stock and stock a broad assortment of prints in the following categories:
Baby, Kids, Sports, Floral, Conversational, Northwoods, Camo, Horses and Southwest, Basics, Plaids & Stripes.

Private Label Products And Customer Surface Design Prints

We offer our expertise in print surface design and full package product development to a variety of businesses; childrenswear, womens apparel, pet products and medical apparel. In addition, we have helped launch the production and manufacturing of products such as sleeping bags, blankets, cosmetic accessories, medical apparel, headwear, cold weather products etc.

Contact us for additional information:

National Sales Manager, Manufacturing Division
201 659 0444, EXT. 128